Trading picks for 10th Dec

Buy Above – 310, Tgt: 313.5, 315.5, 317.5, SL: 307.5.
Sell Below – 305.5, Tgt: 302, 299.5, 296.5 SL: 308.5.

Buy Above – 286.5, Tgt: 289.5, 291, 293.5, SL: 283.5.
Sell Below – 280.5, Tgt: 277.5, 275, 272, SL: 283.

Rules to Use Above Levels:
  • Price should trade at least 1 minute at specified Buy or Sell level to enter the trade.
  • Book 40% of total quantity when price reached 1st target and hold the rest for 2nd target with the trailing stop loss of Cost to Cost.
  • Book 50% of reaming quantity when price reached 2nd target and hold the rest for 3rd target with the trailing stop loss of 1st target.
  • Don’t enter the trade more than one time on same side and avoid signals of last 30  minutes.
  • If any gap up or gap down open, wait for the price come to specified levels, then enter the trade if it starts to trade above or below specified levels, otherwise avoid.
  • Use only for Intraday.        

The recommendations made here is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any of the securities mentioned. Trading involves considerable risk. Trade at your own risk to the extent you are comfortable. The analyst shall not be responsible for any losses incurred for acting on these recommendations. Calls are based only on technical studies. Stop-loss is an essential risk control mechanism; it should always be there.
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