Technical Traders Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Markets

With the low cost of modern computer hardware and software combined with the communication of price data via satellite, a new and rapidly expanding market of traders using computers has developed. This essential book bridges the gap between the basic instruction that comes with software programs and what a trader actually needs to know to develop and text profitable futures trading system. With specific information on how to set up and use computer-generated technical studies of the most popular indicators, the book includes: how to build a trading system tailored to the reader's specific need; practical instruction on how to display and analyze technical information; advice for developing well disciplined money management and risk control strategies; and techniques for monitoring a trading system to detect if something has gone wrong before major losses occur.

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Book Name: Technical Traders Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Markets. 
Author: Charles Lebeau, David W. Lucas.    
Edition: First Edition

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