Technical Analysis Explained

Technical Analysis Explained, Fifth Edition, is the updated bible of technical analysis written by a renowned expert and educational pioneer in the field. Widely recognized in the investment industry as the most authoritative guide on the subject, it gives you everything you need to forecast accurately how investors will respond to future events based on how they have statistically responded in the past. Martin Pring, described in Barron's as a ""technician's technician,"" uses his popular straight-talk style of instruction to help all types of investors forecast price movements with reliable accuracy. Through his concentrated blend of theory and techniques, generations of investors have become better traders and gained long-term wealth. Now, this new edition shows today's investors how to use the power of technical analysis in computerized markets with ever-changing investment products.

This well-organized guide gets you started right away with:
  • A step-by-step program for making technical analysis part of your investing routine.
  • Practical strategies for using today's most sophisticated investment tools and techniques.
  • An insider's look at the psychology of investors aimed at mastering your emotions

Movement in stock prices, breaking business news and regularly issued financial reports all cause traders and investors to react-and often overreact-in predictable ways. Take the guesswork out of growing your portfolio by staying ahead of those reactions, where you can both profit and protect your assets with Technical Analysis Explained, Fifth Edition.

Book Details 

Book Name: Technical Analysis Explained: The Successful Investor's Guide to Spotting Investment Trends and Turning Points.
Author: Martin J. Pring.    
Edition: Fifth Edition

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