How to Use Nest to AmiBroker Data Feeder

Nest to AmiBroker Data Feeder is a utility which facilitates to transfer data from NEST Trading Terminal to Amibroker. Which provides RealTime and Backfill data to Amibroker from Nest Trading Terminal, it supports NSE equity, NSE futures and Option, MCX, Currency Market (CDS), and also BSE Exchanges.

To use NAF your system and Nest terminal need to have some requirements, these are as follows:

System Requirements:
Your operating system should be Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, it does not supports windows xp or below versions.
Your system should have latest dot net, i.e dot net 4.6. you can download it here..
To get data properly you need to launch or run all three applications as administrator, i.e you need to launch NAF, NEST Terminal and Amibroker as Run As Administrator.
To run any application as administrator, make the following setting:
Right Click on the any application or application shortcut, Select Proprties>select Compatibility and select the check box Run This Program As Administrator.
So this is the one time setting, after doing this whenever you launch the application it will run as administrator.

Nest Terminal Requirement:
To get RealTime and Backfill data your Nest Terminal should have following feature:
To get data from Nest Terminal, three watchlist column should be in order, i.e in watchlist SYMBOL should be first, TRADING SYMBOL should be second, EXCHANGE should be third. After arranging this in order you need to ReStart the Nest Terminal to apply the changes. if you not restart the Nest  then NAF will not detect the change so you will not able to get data. ( to get data, whenever you open the NEST, these three column should be in order)
This is the one time setting, Once you made this setting, Nest will save it for future use.
Nest Terminal should have RTD feature. NAF use this feature to get realtime data from nest terminal. To check RTD function enabled in you nest terminal, Right Click on the nest market watch and select Link to Excel and Select All Symbols, Open Excel sheet and Paste it, If RTD is Enabled in your terminal RealTime data will change in excel.
To get backfill data Nest Plus Data Table feature enabled in your terminal.

Getting RealTime Data from Nest Trading Terminal
As stated in Requirements Section, to get RealTime data your Nest Terminal should have RTD feature and you should arrange your watchlist terminal as stated in the section.
After making required settings, Launch NAF ( you should launch it run as administrator). NAF displays the current opening watchlist of Nest Terminal. In NAF there is a section called Select the Watchlist, in this section NAF displays all the watchlist of Nest Terminal. Note: some times it may display only one watchlist, even you have one or more, if this is happened then Go to Nest terminal and just open all the watchlist available in the Nest Terminal and come to NAF and press refresh watchlist, now NAF will displays the all watchlists available in the terminal.

In NAF watchlist you can find three sections, one is Trading Symbol, second one is Exchange, Third one is Mapped Symbol.
Trading Symbols section displays Trading Symbols available in the Nest Terminal.
Exchange section displays the respective exchange of the Trading Symbol.
Mapped Symbol section displays the symbols mapped by you in settings section. NAF updates this section name to Amboker when updating data.

In NAF Realtime window, there is a check box called "Get current day backfill for equity symbols in watchlist", if this check box is selected, then when you start RealTime Update, NAF will updates the current day equity data to amibroker for the equity symbols presented in the selected watchlist. ( Dont select this check box if you start realtime data update at 9.15 am, because if you start realtime update 9.15, you don’t need current day backfill data).
After selecting Watchlist and mapping the Symbols as you required, Press Start Realtime, NAF will starts to update realtime data to Amibroker.

Getting Backfill Data
In NAF backfill window you have two options to backfill data, one is Nest Plus Data Table method and another one is Google data feed. Lest's see Nest Plus data table backfill method:
In NAF open Backfill window, in that you have two options to select, one is for data table method and another one is for google backfill. By default Nest Plus Data table will be selected, so when you want to backfill data from this method, you need select number of days in the drop down menu ( If you select 1 day then NAF updates last one data available in the data table to amibroker).

After selecting required number of days press Start Backfill, then NAF shows massage that Please Open Data Table…
When you see this message you need open data table in Nest Terminal ( To open Data Table, select the symbol in nest terminal and press Shift + D or right click on the symbol and select Plugin Commands and select Data Table).
When your Data Table open, NAF detect your data table and process the data and update it to amibroker. After successful completion of backfill NAF displays the completion massage.
After completion of one symbol, you can move to next symbol to backfill and follow above steps to backfill.
By doing this you can backfill all the required symbols using data table.

Getting Backfill Data from Google
NAF supports backfilling data from Google finance for equity symbol. It is easiest way to backfill equity data, It supports maximum of 15 days data with the minimum interval of 1 minute.
To backfill data from Goggle, Select Google backfill radio button in Backfill window, In that window there is a button called Manage Symbol, select that button, a text file will open, in that text file you need to add NSE equity symbols as in NSE website. You need to add it one by one in a new line.
After adding symbols, you need to select Number of Days and Time Interval, for backfill data, as told earlier you can get maximum of 15 days data and you can get minimum of 1 minute data and maximum of 60 minute.
After this press Start Backfill, NAF will start to updates the data and it will show massage in massage box when backfill completed

NADF Settings:
In NADF setting window you have the option to map the symbol (Rename the symbol) as you need. First you need to select the watchlist, when you select the watchlist, NADF displays watchlist symbols.
NSE equity symbols will map automatically, for example ACC-EQ will mapped as ACC but you have a option to modify these names too. To map other symbols, select the symbol you want to map, when you select the symbol you will get the option to edit the symbol in bottom box. After mapping the symbol press SAVE button to apply the changes.
So in this way you can map the required symbols. Once you map the symbol NADF will save it for further, you need not to do mapping everyday for the same symbol.
In NADF setting window there is a check box called Show Taskbar Notification, if you select this check box, NADF will give notification in Taskbar for Starting and completion of Realtime and Backfill data.

Detail help file provided in software help file, you can find out it in help section of the software.
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