Real Time Feeder – Real Time, IEOD and EOD Data Feeder for Amibroker.

RTF 2.0 has been released now click here to get it.

Some of the features of Real Time Feeder are:
  • Easy to navigate the application.
  • Works on both 32 bit and 64bit OS.
  • Updates Real Time Tick Data from trading terminal through excel to best charting software Amibroker.
  • Real time data backfill facility available.
  • RTF downloads and Auto updates IEOD data of National Stock Exchange India to Amibroker.
  • Maximum of last 15 days data available with minimum of one minute interval.
  • RTF downloads and auto updates EOD data (Equity & Futures) of National Stock Exchange India.
  • Downloaded data will save as text file (ASCII format) so user can use it further.